Corporate Tax Fraud Causes Billions in Fines for Business Owners

Recent Court Documents accuse Automatic Data Processing (ADP) of forging Department of Revenue tax documents, social security numbers and Pension Fraud. The accusations and claims come from one of their top Sales Reps.

Schwartz who broke numerous National Records at ADP, alleges ADP Reps are taught by their direct leaders how to fill out and sign Department of Revenue State Unemployment Applications on behalf of their clients.  ADP has over 600,000 small business clients and pays 1 in 6 Americans, so it’s no surprise that thousands of small business owners get Millions worth in penalties and fines from the Department of Revenue.

The DOR Unemployment Application also known as the DR1/RT6 determines what tax the business owner is responsible for and explains in detail the responsibilities and repercussions of the tax. The DR1/RT6 application these sales reps are signing are extremely important documents that are intended to be signed by the business owner and only the business owner.

Inside the DR1 Application it is pertinent that “whomever” fills out the form puts the correct addresses because this is where all important tax information and notices are sent.  ADP Reps are said to put in ADP Tax Services Address 400 West Covina Blvd, San Dimas CA 91773 because ADP is supposed to be responsible for handling all tax related issues.

Unfortunately, the business owner doesn’t even know this and if there happens to be a notice/fine/penalty or they leave ADP many times they don’t even receive the notice until much later. In turn, the penalty and interest stack up for the Business owner who is responsible for paying the fine.

Question is how they can be responsible for any such penalties, fines or notices when they didn’t even read, attest and sign they understand any of the responsibilities? Seems if ADP should be responsible for any fine, penalty since they “Attested they Understand” and then forged the business owners’ signature.

In Fact, the application states numerous times that you attest UNDER PERJURY you are the business owner and have read and understand all the responsibilities.

If you have been affected by this, you are encouraged to call your local Department of Revenue Office and ADP

To find your DOR number click here.

Automatic Data Processing – 1-844-227-5237