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Whistleblower Files Suit Against $ADP; Accuses Management of Federal Tax, Pension Crimes

An executive whistleblower has filed suit against payroll giant ADP, Automatic Data Processing ($ADP), accusing senior management of long-running state and federal tax crimes and pension fraud. The case was filed by David Schwartz, a top-performing national salesman, who was fired after questioning the legality of ADP’s policies, then reporting the company to the SEC and FINRA.

ADP Whistleblower Launches ADPFraud.com, Twitter Campaign; Former Clients, Ex-Colleagues Rally on LinkedIn, Facebook

The ADP whistleblower, fired for standing up to illegal business practices at the payroll giant, launched ADPFraud.com, a website documenting the federal crimes he reported to the SEC and FINRA Posts from the new site are being shared across social media by thousands of angry ADP customers and employees, expressing their dissatisfaction with the company, and uniting around his message.

ADP Sues Whistleblower, Again; Says Truth Campaign Cost $ADP Business

ADP has filed another lawsuit against the whistleblower who was illegally fired by the payroll giant for reporting its federal crimes and poor ethical behavior he witnessed to the SEC and FINRA. In its latest lawfare move, the new case filed in Florida alleges that whistleblower David Schwartz, who went public with the evidence the company initially sued him to return, has made ADP “suffer,” led ADP clients to quit the firm and led its competitors to poach business. Woops.

ADP & Tears: From “SIMPLE Saved My Life” to $ADP’s “Payroll of Pain,” Whistleblowers Catch #ADP Defrauding Strangers, Customers, Employees, ADPFraud.com Reports

Whistleblowers are reporting how ADP defrauds customers, employees, and, even, strangers, thanks to ADPFraud.com, an information portal where those wronged by the company are adding their personal information and testimony to build a national database of victims to its crimes. The website was created by a top salesman for the company who blew the whistle on ADP’s shoddy business ethics.